Denver's Seasonal Dental Emergencies: How Weather Affects Your Oral Health

Though believing that weather can affect oral health is unearthly, let’s take a leap of faith. Many people, like you, may feel different sensitivity in different weather. Summer, winter, spring, and monsoon call for varieties of food and invite several sensitivities. Overeating sugar, cold water, or even dry mouth is vulnerable to oral health.

Denver Emergency Dentist arranges all suitable dental kits for regular or emergency dental services. Coping with new challenges in every weather is an uphill battle, and we pursue the best outcome. We endeavour to achieve the highest rank in successfully treating our patients in need. 

Denver's Seasonal Dental Emergencies, How Weather Affects Your Oral Health

How Does The Weather Affect Your Oral Health?

Exposure to cold air, dry mouth during summer, overeating of sugar in spring, and waterborne diseases affecting mouth during monsoon.

Here’s a thorough discussion of how your teeth react in four seasons due to different weather-

Oral Health in Winter

Taking deep breadth in winter causes tooth sensitivity due to microscopic cracks. Also, oral infections are common and uncomfortable occurrences in winter. Moreover, infections like cold sores, cervical sores, gum inflammation, and jaw ache are hugely noticed.

Our dentists recommend routine dental checkups to notice gum infections and to avoid inflammation. During this time, it’s better to breathe with the nose and avoid the mouth. As a result, inhaling too much cold air could be restricted. Gently brush your teeth if damage is already done, and regularly use mouthwash.

Oral Health in Spring

Spring can be a mixture of weather, like hot, dense, wet, or cold. This season calls for various diseases, and oral health isn’t spared. Intake of food rich in sugar mostly increases the risk of cavities. As spring appears just after the winter, people become lethargic and ignore health care.

Dentists believe avoiding sugar in all forms is the best way to avoid cavities. Sugar-free gums help meet the needs of gum addicts and also take out stuck food from teeth. But the challenge is to keep children away from taking chocolates, so maintain regular brushing and flossing of your child.  

Oral Health in Summer

The summertime brings hot, dry weather, causing you to be dehydrated and dry-mouthed. This condition attracts bacteria to harm the enamel of teeth and cause decay. If you skip drinking enough water, your gums can be affected by gingivitis. 

Specialists recommend drinking enough water to prevent dehydration. This maintains the temperature of your mouth and prevents slow decay of teeth. Avoid drinking excess cold soda and cold water, give a break to your mouth from too much cold water, even in scorching sun. Consume normal water to keep a balance. 

Oral Health in Monsoon

The increase in moisture linked with the wet season creates a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow rapidly in the mouth. This eventually causes holes and halitosis out of infection. Due to weather demand, people consume more oily food than usual. This results in gastrointestinal infection, and sores in the mouth are the ultimate sign.

Here again, like all other seasons, follow your daily cleaning routine. A weak immune system can cause damage to your teeth anyway, so catch up with the dentists in time.

Weather can be cruel to you sometimes. You overcome the cruelty by taking good care of your oral health. You might need a doctor’s consultation and we welcome you to consult Emergency Dentist in Denver, CO. We offer a 24-hour emergency dental service with experienced attendees.

Fungal infection, microscopic cracks in teeth, gum abscesses, broken teeth, etc. problems will be a company in any weather. Drop by our clinic if you are near and get the most satisfactory service here in Denver, CO.