Tooth Extraction Services in Boulder, CO

Tooth extraction is the most commonly used procedure in dentistry. Boulder Emergency Dentist realizes the necessity of it and provides the best service possible in Boulder. All kinds of oral treatment and dental consultations are provided from our end. When necessary for the patient, our dentists use the best medical equipment for extraction with less pain.

If you are considering tooth extraction in Boulder, CO, contact us for safe and pleasant procedures. Our dentists use state-of-the-art technology to enable patients to have less pain during extraction. The process also minimizes distress after surgery and encourages quick recuperation.

Our Emergency Tooth Extraction Service

Boulder is a busy city, and accidents are not guests here. Dental emergency, apart from literal causes, can be an issue due to severe accidents. However, swelling gums, a broken tooth entering your mouth, or a wisdom teeth issue are dental emergencies.

Boulder Emergency Dentist has a thorough idea about all kinds of dental emergencies and deals with them accordingly. Cases like fist fights, car acccidents, game injuries, and others are all handled by our emergency dentists. Children’s cases are sensitive and need extra care during treatment, which our clinic also looks over. 

Our dentists suggest treatments like dental veneers and dental caps or crowns during emergency tooth extraction. But this solely depends on the condition of the teeth. Scientists believe these two procedures are taken when some teeth have a minimum chance of sticking. After the treatment, if no changes are noticed, dentist goes for extraction. Surgeries to remove all the teeth to brace newly are also performed by our dentists.

However, the two most emergency services that Boulder Emergency Dentist often have to give are-

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth grows at the back of your mouth from the age of 17 to 25, splitting your gums. The majority of people feel extreme pain due to the splitting of gums while wisdom teeth grow. They tend to remove the teeth to relieve pain. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a major surgery because it requires an intense procedure for healthy removal. People who are less tolerant of pain and have anxiety issues ask for local anesthesia. However, some people do not need the anesthesia. Furthermore, a minority of people do not need surgery for wisdom teeth removal. Our dentists prescribe them medication to relieve the slight pain and healthy growth of the tooth.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Accidents causing broken, chipped teeth, popped gum abscesses, and long-time cavity-decayed teeth with sudden pain require emergency tooth extraction. Broken tooth is vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, which directly infect the gum. Also, chipped or broken teeth are often seen to penetrate the cheeks. In this case, dentists suggest emergency tooth extraction. Sometimes, people neglect cavities and wait until extreme pain causes stress, nausea, or dizziness. The delay in treatment costs them painful tooth extraction.

Benefits of Choosing Our Boulder Dental Clinic for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be very serious, depending on the situation. Boulder Emergency Dentist has always worked on making the clinic the best in Boulder by prioritizing patients’ benefits. Emergency has no time limit, so our clinic offers a 24-hour dental service with up-to-date medical equipment. 

The benefits of choosing our clinic include good service, hygiene, 24-hour services, and experienced dentists. No patient here is neglected and is given all the emergency treatment. For emergency tooth extraction in Boulder, you can always consider Boulder Emergency Dentist. Our emergency ward has experienced attendees who give first aid and consult senior dentists if required.


Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Major Surgery?

Yes, it is considered a major surgery. A patient needs to be taken under local anesthesia to perform the surgery. People with anxiety or less tolerance of pain usually require local anesthesia. 

Is Tooth Extraction Serious?

It depends on the type of tooth decay or emergency. Sometimes cavities cause extreme decay of teeth, which itself is serious and painful. However, decayed tooth extraction is not too serious but wisdom teeth are.

Can I Brush My Teeth After Extraction?

Yes, dentists highly recommend brushing the teeth gently after extraction. Keep the extracted tooth portion untouched and wash it properly with mouthwash afterward.

Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

No, you can’t eat anything for almost two hours after removal. Later, try to eat food at a lukewarm temperature and not hotter than that. You can have ice cream, broth, and all kinds of liquid food, including yogurt.